| 16:53:22 | 02-05-2005 | Social |

«In the Court everything is false, and the lawyers do not want to
speak to us», said Samvel Markosyan, soldier and invalid of the
first group during the meeting at the Government building.

The meeting was organized by the families of the dead soldiers,
participants of the World War, invalids and those having many children,
who had been allotted lands in the Kourghinyan and Sebastia areas by
Vahan Zatikyan. The lands have been taken away from 27 families and
secretly sold by auction. On April 29 there has been a Court session
but by the request of the participants of the meeting it has been
postponed till May 10.

«We have turned to the Prime Minister several times. He answered
«Yes» saying that the land will be allotted to us. We were pleased,
but even after that we are summoned to court», says Samvel Markosyan,
«Both «Yes» and «No» are answers. For almost a year we are taken
to court and we get no clear-cut answer».

At present the issue is being discussed in the municipality. If there
are no results, the struggle will go on till the end.

By the way, in the court the participant of the meeting have found out
that one of the buyers of the land is Simon Hakobyan - the brother
of the NA delegate Hakob Hakobyan. The participants of the meeting
claim hopelessly, «What can the handicapped people do against those
with Jeeps? »

From: Baghdasarian