MPs urge to elaborate on 'Prague talks'

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
May 7 2005

Baku, May 6, AssA-Irada -- MPs have demanded that the 'Prague talks'
on the settlement of the Upper Garabagh conflict be elaborated.

Mais Safarli told a session of the parliament on Friday that according
to some sources, the new plan on the conflict resolution, which was
discussed during the negotiations, contradicts Azerbaijan's national

"Under the plan, Armenians will liberate several districts around
Upper Garabagh, but will also acquire the right to hold a referendum
to determine the status of Upper Garabagh in a few years."

Safarli noted that holding a nationwide poll in Upper Garabagh
contradicts the Azerbaijani Constitution, as it does not allow
conducting referendums in any region of the country. "The fact that
Azerbaijanis who come from Garabagh became refugees makes it impossible
to hold a referendum," he said.

MP Alimammad Nuriyev said that although the Prague talks are
confidential, explanations should be provided to parliament members
with regard to the status envisioned for Upper Garabagh, peacekeeping
forces to be deployed in the conflict zone and the possible referendum.

Elman Mammadov, former Mayor of Khojaly District, currently occupied
by Armenia, said that first of all, stability should be maintained
in the country to liberate Upper Garabagh.

The conflict settlement will take another 10 years if tensions in
the country exacerbate, he said.

Mammadov called on opposition parties to take Azerbaijan's national
interests as a priority of their activity and to avoid provocations
from outside forces.

"It should be taken into account that staging 'velvet revolutions'
in Azerbaijan may cause new woes for the country."*