Armenian leader condemns Qu'ran desecration by US guards

Tehran, May 18, IRNA
Qu'ran-Armenian Leader

Spiritual Leader of the World Armenians Archbishop Jasliq Aram I in
Tehran on Wednesday strongly condemned holy Qu'ran desecration by
the US guards at the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

"Desecration of religious and spiritual sanctities are condemned and
dialogue among religions is considered as the first stage to prevent
such sacrilege," the Armenian leader told Iran's Head of Islamic
Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) Mahmoud Mohammadi Eraqi.

Newsweek magazine reported on May 9 that interrogators at the
Guantanamo Bay detention camp desecrated the holy Qur'an during
interrogating the Afghan prisoners.

Archbishop Jasliq recommended the followers of all religions to
defend justice and do not care foreign mass media sowing discord
among followers of different religions.

In today world, dialogue among religions is of high importance and
the religions should further get closer to each other in a bid to
exchange views, the spiritual leader noted.

Mohammadi Araqi also expressed outrage at Qu'ran desecration by the
US guards, saying that the Qu'ran desecration is their last enmity
to Islam .

It seems as if some plots were hatched to inspire the theory of war
among civilizations, he added.

Today, world is dominated by tyranny and unilateralism, he noted,
concluding that the views of such leaders as Archbishop Jaslig are
regarded as a worthy opportunity for restoring peace, friendship to
the international community.

The spiritual leader of the World Armenian Jasliq Aram I arrived in
Tehran on Thursday, May 12 for a 14-day visit. He has already visited
Iran for three times.

During his stay in Iran, he will tour the provinces of Isfahan,
Markazi, West Azerbaijan and East Azerbaijan.

He will pay tribute to the founder of the Islamic Revolution the late
Imam Khomeini on Thursday, May 19.