YEREVAN, MAY 18, NOYAN TAPAN. The presentation of the Internet site
of the "Mek Azg, Mek Mshakuyt" ("One Nation, One Culture") fund, as
well as of the "Krunk" (Crane) music disc released by the fund on the
occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide took place at
the Armenian Association of Cultural Ties with Foreign Countries on May
17. The best performances of works of 12 Armenian composers including
Komitas, Makar Yekmalian, Barsegh Kanachian, Aram Khachatrian,
Arno Babajanian, Edvard Mirzoyan, Alexander Haroutiunian, with the
participation of famous orchestras, conductors and singers are included
in the disc. According to Karine Khodikian, the Chairwoman of the fund,
the RA Deputy Minister of Culture and Youth Affairs, this discs were
given to all the participants of "Ultimate Crime, Ultimate Challenge:
Genocide and Human Rights" International Conference held in Yerevan on
the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. "Our
goal was to present the participants of the conference the Armenian
culture as the symbol of the rebirth of a part of the Armenian people
escaped the Genocide with the help of works presended on the disc,"
she mentioned. According to Armen Manukian. the Artistic Head of the
fund, the best music performances kept in the record library of the
Public Radio of Armenia are included in the disc, with a one- hour
total duration of record. Lusine Zakarian's, Araks Mansurian's and
Charles Aznavour's performances are inclyded. According to A.Manukian,
the disc released to the RA Government's order will not be sold,
rather "Krunk" will be re-released as it is in popular demand. Tamar
Poghosian, the Executive Director of the "One Nation, One Culture"
fund informed that the fund which was created a year ago has already
done enough work in Yerevan and in the marzes of the republic. The
fund also supported to holding of the "One Nation, One Culture"
first All-Armenian cultural festival, organized different events
in marzes. "The fund has a great mission: to unite wo! rld-sprea d
Armenians, strengthen Armenia-Diaspora ties and jointly present the
Armenian culture to the world," T.Poghosian mentioned.