Erdogan on resolutions honouring victims of Armenian massacre

Polish Press Agency
PAP News Wire
May 17, 2005 Tuesday

Warsaw, May 17

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has criticized resolutions which
have been passed by "parliaments of various countries" to honour the
victims of the 1915-17 massacre of Armenians in Turkey.

Erdogan, addressing the second day of debates of the 3rd Council
of Europe Summit said that the passing of such resolutions is
"unjust." The Turkish PM termed the recurring around the world voices
on, as he termed, "the so called Armenian genocide" as "lobbying
which Turkey does not support."

He added that the road to agreement on the developments which took
place 90 years ago leads through cooperation of historians from Turkey
and Armenia as well as from other countries.

"We have opened our archives and we ask Armenia to do the
same..." "Each political decision should be based on solid
documents. This is our precondition," stressed the Prime Minister.