| 14:18:38 | 23-05-2005 | Social |


`The round dance will not be in the same place. It is our symbol, our eagle
which will be like a fire ring when shot from above. Dancing holding each
other's pinkies will have no power, we must stretch like a string to have
power', said Vanoush Khanamiryan, President of the Dance Union, about the
Round Dance around Aragats on May 28. Vanoush Khanamiryan was the guest of
the club `Pakagits'.

Vanoush Khanamiryan was angry by the fact that the Round Dance will not have
a name. Besides, by the request of Aghvan Hovsepyan, the heads of the 50
dance groups have gathered and created the music for the dance with Ara
Gevorgyan. They have collected a number of Armenian songs (Dance of Sasoun,
Berd), which was later altered by the heads of the Round Dance. In this
connection Mr. Khanamiryan said, `Well, we are Armenians, we are all
Generals, there are no soldiers.'

In spite of this, Vanoush Khanamiryan will take part in the dance together
with 6000 dancers, wearing Armenian national dresses, and he will show his
dance, which he also showed today with the participants of the press