Today, Azerbaijan
May 24 2005

Official Baku is unhappy with relocation of Russian military bases
from Georgia to Armenia

23 May 2005 [12:52] - Today.Az

Official Baku is seriously concerned over the possibility of
stationing of part of armaments from Russian bases in Georgia on the
territory of Armenia, deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, Araz
Azimov stated on 20 May, Trend reports.

He reminded that in the past, Russia, while withdrawing its troops,
placed part of the armaments on the territory of Armenia. "We are
strongly concerned over it. We would not like Russia do it again",
Azimov said.

He hopes, that respective statement of the head of the chief
headquarters of the Russian armed forces, General Yuri Baluevsky,
will not correspondent to reality.

"We are concerned over it, because the situation is rather sensitive
in the region, and this atmosphere must be taken into account. Under
such conditions it is better not to do such steps", diplomat said.