AZG Armenian Daily #098, 31/05/2005


India annually shoots 1500 films, 300 of which are shot outside
the national scenery, Indian ambassador to Armenia, Deepak Vohra,
told a farewell press conference yesterday and posed a question,
"Why shouldn't we shoot them in Armenia?" The ambassador will take
videotapes and pictures featuring Armenia's places of interest to India
to show filmmaking companies. The next sphere that demands development
in Armenia, ambassador Vohra said, is tourism. He said that 20 million
people leave India as tourists for other countries and said that it
would be good to see a few thousands of them visiting Armenia.

The press conference was dedicated to Armenian-Indian relations
as Mr. Vohra is preparing to leave the post. Speaking of bilateral
relations, the Indian ambassador said that good circulation between the
two states has increased for 6 times since 2002 and will likely reach
the mark of $12 million. Armenia is more actively importing Indian
goods than exporting Armenian ones. But export of Armenian goods is
increasing. As Mr. Vohra noted, Armenia not only exports metals but
also electric equipment and computer software. The ambassador thinks
that Armenian wine and fruits will have brisk demand in India.

Answering daily Azg's question about Armenian-Indian cooperation
in the sphere of diamond cutting, the ambassador said that though
they had problems with rough diamond Indian businessmen decided
not to close the two enterprises in Armenia. He assured that they
will make new investments in these enterprises. Mr. Vohra thinks
that Armenia has great potential in the sphere of informational
technologies. Highlighting another sphere, leather processing, he said
that cooperation failed despite all efforts. But the Indian leather
still enters Armenia through Italy. "I am leaving this sphere to the
next ambassador" the Indian ambassador said. "I am leaving here my
heart, take care of it. I will return one day", said Deepak Vohra in
fluent Armenian.

By Ara Martirosian