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Two musical concerts were held in the past week under the patronage
of the Catholicosate of Cilicia. These concerts were praised by
music-lovers for being high-level performances.

The first of these concerts was presented by the students of
"Parsegh Ganatchian Musical College" of Hamazkayin on May 26 in
the Catholicosate. It was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of His
Holiness' enthronement.

The director of the college, Yervant Yerganian, delivered the opening
remarks, dedicating the concert to His Holiness on his 10th jubilee.

Professional and still new music students entertained the audience
by their performances on various musical instruments, including the
piano, the flute, the guitar, the violin and the cello. The students
presented high-level performances of renowned Armenian and foreign
composers' works.

His Holiness commended the young music students for their performance.
"Culture ennobles the human being. With your performance today, you
brought us out of our everyday pace and routine occupations which
rid us of cultural values. Our spirits embraced your enchanting music
and we were enriched by your skilled performance," he said.

The Catholicos called upon the Armenians to support the "Parsegh
Ganatchian Musical College" so young artists can get the chance to
perform on Lebanese-Armenian as well as international stages in the
near future.

The second musical event, the "Memorial Symphony" was held on 29 May
in the hall of Yeghishe Manoukian College. It was dedicated to the
late Archbishop Zareh Aznavourian.

The symphony was held under the patronage of His Holiness and was
organized by the "Shenorhali" choir of the Catholicosate of Cilicia
and its director, Rev.Fr. Bartev Gulumian. The choir of the seminary
students as well Hamazkayin's "Gargatch" children's choir under the
directorship of Zakar Keshishian also participated in the performance.

The music of all the songs that were delivered was composed by the
late Archbishop. The program included religious hymns, praise songs,
musical poems, as well songs from the "Always sing, children" series,
composed by the Archbishop.

His Holiness blessed the memory of the late Archbishop and considered
his musical heritage as dedicated to the glorification of God and
the praise of the Armenian Church.

"Archbishop Zareh was not a regular clergyman. He was a man of
God-given grace, natural talent and wisdom. He put all his skills
in the service of our church and nation. His whole life constituted
a constant glorification of God. His entire spiritual-intellectual
heritage is also a glorification of our church and nation," said
His Holiness.


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