Author: R.Abdullayev

TREND Information, Azerbaijan
May 1 2006

A meeting of the Council of Europe Ministerial Committee will consider
a written question 'Inadmissibility of PACE membership of belligerent
Armenia, with activities contradicting the fundamental principles
and major principles of the CE, prepared by MP Rafael Huseynov, an
Azerbaijani parliamentary representative to the PACE Azerbaijan. The
issue was included in the draft agenda of the 963rd meeting of the
CE Ministerial Committee due in Strasbourg on 3 May 2006.

Talking to Trend MP Huseynov said that the development of such
documents assumes special importance, as they are a constituent part
of international documents, which underline the occupation of the
Azerbaijani territory by Armenia.

"In future Armenia will be made answerable for policy of terror and
ethnic cleansing in respect to Azerbaijan, the International Court
will use the document as irrefutable evidences," MP underscored.

Written Question No. 489 by Huseynov: "New plans of occupation by
belligerent Armenia posing serious threats to stability and development
in the South Caucasus", dated 11 April 2006, particularly noted the
plans by Armenian aggressors future plans include the occupation of
Terter, Khanlar, Goranboy districts, other regions attached to the
Karabakh regions. The Armenian media already reports on the occupation
of Gazakh district - Kamarli, Dash Salahli and other villages. Armenia
carries out large-scale work to realize its aggressive plans and
far-sighted ambitions.

Considering these disturbing attempts by the Republic of Armenia
targeted at undermining stability in the South Caucasus Huseynov
asks the Committee of Ministers that in the present situation when
Armenia, officially considered to be an occupier by the Assembly,
putting forward manifestly its new occupying intentions and with
this purpose in mind undertaking concrete steps, what discussions
can the Committee of Ministers conduct within its competences and
what effective measures can it take in order to stop the aggressor.