Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
May 1 2006

Within April month, Armenian Armed Forces have violated ceasefire in
several directions 65 times. According to the monitoring conducted
by APA, Azerbaijani Armed Forces' one soldier killed, 2 wounded.

The ceasefire violation in intensive form was observed in the last
10 days pf April, and this was linked with marking "alleged Armenian
genocide". Ceasefire has been violated more in Aghdam front line
within April month (29). Ceasefire has been violated 26 times in
Gazakh, in Terter 3, in Gadabey 2, in Tovuz and in Fuzuli 2 times.

Azerbaijan Armed Forces one military was killed by enemy (in Fuzuli),
4 persons died because of careless conduct with the weapon. Death
cases have been registered-- one in Fuzuli, 2 in Aghdam, one in
Mingechevir, one in military unit in Lenkeran. Last month OSCE has
conducted monitoring in the frontline. Though incident happened
during monitoring in Mazam village direction of Gazakh region, no
violation has been registered in monitoring conducted in Gulustan
village of Geranboy.

It should be noted that, 140 facts have been registered since the
beginning of the year with regard to ceasefire violation. According to
the monitoring results, thee most ceasefire was observed in April month
but less in January month. Azerbaijani Army positions and residential
areas were subjected to Armenian Armed Forces ceasefire violation by
10, in February 14 and in March month 50 times.

The "hot lines" of the front was the following areas: Ưn Azerbaijani
state frontier- on Gazakh region - Mazamli, Gizilhajili, Balajafarli
and Baganis Ayrim villages; On Terter region: Hasangaya, Chayli;
Jerabert; Gapanli villages; On Aghdam region: Bash Garvand, Orta
Gishlag, Gulchuluk state farm villages; On Fizuli region: Ashagi
Seyidahmadli and Ashagi Abdurrahmanli villages.

It should be noted that Azerbaijani Armed Forecs have lost 23
militaries by May 1 of the current year. 4 of them were killed in
fire, 4 in careless conduct with the weapon, 5 in traffic accident,
1 suicide, 2 snow slide, 7 were kiled by Armenians.

In general, Azerbaijan Armed Forces have lost 11 militaries in January,
2 in February, 5 in March, 5 in April. All of the died are militaries
serving in armed forces units at Ministry of Defense.