Christian Post, CA
May 1 2006

WASHINGTON - Christian speakers were among the religious leaders,
human rights activists, politicians, athletes and actors that convened
to rally for greater U.S. involvement in the Darfur conflict on Sunday.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators wearing T-shirts and waving signs
such as "Never Again - Stop the Genocide," "Don't allow Sudan's
sin to become a shame on the World!" and "No Excuses!" filled the
National Mall demanding an end to what the United Nation calls one
of the world's worst humanitarian disasters.

Prominent Christian leaders were among politicians, a Nobel Prize
winner, an Academy Award Winner, and heads of non-government
organizations invited to speak at the "Save Darfur" rally.

The Rev. Richard Cizik, vice president for governmental affairs of
the National Association of Evangelicals, prayed for the situation
in Darfur during his speech.

"We pray your blessings, your comforting will fall upon the enslaved,
the victims on this day. They are there but we are here and when
they are persecuted, we are persecuted," prayed Cizik. "When they
are hungry, we are hungry. Grant us the knowledge to understand that,
Heavenly Father.

"We pray as well for the political leaders of the world, that their
conscience would be stricken with the lost and suffering and that
they would be moved to action. We are people of conscience and
together we can stop the genocide. May it be so. Amen," concluded
the NAE representative.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.,
also called for action, encouraging the United States and other
countries to make a stronger commitment to saving Darfur.

"Our nation has to get onboard," declared McCarrick. "Every nation
has to get onboard. Now is the time. Now is the time to put our money
where our mouth is. Now is the time!"

With at least 180,000 people dead and some 2 million homeless,
according to The Associated Press, the ongoing violence between the
government militias and ethnic minority rebels in the western Darfur
region is one of the most serious in the world today.

"This issue that we face today is not only an issue for Americans
but for every citizen of the world," the Rev. Geoff Tunnicliffe,
international director of the World Evangelical Alliance, said
on Sunday.

"The Scriptures make it very clear that we must stand with those who
are voiceless and powerless. Today we stand with the Darfur people
and speak out loudly against the outrageous atrocities they are being
subjected," Tunnicliffe said.

Other Christian leaders that spoke at the Save Darfur rally included
Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics &
Religious Liberties Commission; the Rev. Walter Fauntroy of New Bethel
Baptist Church of Washington, D.C.; the Rev. John L. McCullough,
executive director and CEO of Church World Service; Tony Kireopoulos
of the National Council of Churches; and the Rev. Fr. Tateos Abdalian
of the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church.