Kirkus Reviews
May 1, 2006

Spunky Hazel Green returns for a third adventure, again set in her
urban apartment house and involving adults as much as the children.

When Mr. Davis, the new head of the Moodey Building Owner's Committee,
says, "I don't like your kind" to Mr. Egozian, the maintenance man,
Hazel knows it's wrong. But her efforts to right that wrong bring
her serious trouble. Supported by her mathematical friend, Yakov, and
sympathetic Mrs. Gluck, flower shop owner, she refuses to apologize
to Mr. Davis as a matter of principle. Even if Mr. Egozian won't
fight back, she will. From his description of the killing of his
people nearly a century ago, it seems that Mr. Egozian is Armenian,
but this is never said directly, and young American readers may be
confused. Still, Hazel's outrage is clear and appropriate. Readers will
admire her energy and determination and savor the delicious description
of specialty foods. This Australian import is certain to be welcome
in libraries where the other books have been popular. (Fiction. 9-13)

Publication Date: 6/1/2006 0:00:00 Publisher: Bloomsbury Stage:
Children's ISBN: 1-58234-659-3 Price: $15.95 Author: Hirsch, Odo