[04:55 pm] 02 May, 2006

Today the two wings of the Opposition complained of the electoral
code amendments, mainly of the Government's conclusions and
suggestions. They reminded that they signed the document sent to the
Venice Commission with great difficulty and reservation. In response
to their complaints NA Deputy Speaker Tigran Torosyan mentioned that
the NA regulation-law has nothing to do with the reservations.

The Opposition representatives claim that the electoral code amendments
testify to the fact that the authorities are not inclined to hold
unbiased and impartial elections. The chairman of the party "National
Unity" Artashes Geghamyan reminded that Armenia, being a member of
the OSCE, signed and ratified all the documents according to which the
OSCE is aimed at controlling and monitoring elections. In Geghamyan's
opinion, the draft project of the amendments which was also signed by
Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan will be a stab in Margaryan's back.

Geghamyan claims that the Government will call the bill back. The
secretary of the "Justice" fraction Victor Dallakyan quoted an
extract from the bill to prove that there will be frauds in the next
elections, too.

"International organizations, representatives of foreign countries
and foreign NGOs may conduct a monitoring during the election in case
they are invited," urged Victor Dallakyan and added, "But will they
be invited?"