April 28, 2006

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau representative Hrant
Margarian's answers to the questions of Panorama.am.

Question: On the 91st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, how close
our nation is to reaching justice in the Hay Dat issue?

Hrant Margarian: Justice will be served by creating a united Armenia
and bringing all Armenians together. Maybe this ideal seems too far
taking into account today's realities. But tomorrow, it may look
more than realistic, like the Karabakh struggle may have looked an
illusion just 20 years ago.

But as far as the Genocide recognition is concerned, I believe we have
seen successes and this is a victorious time because it is not really
crucial whether Turkey would recognize the Genocide or not. I think
that day is not too far, and it will happen. But that's not what I see
vital. Raising the Genocide issue as well as its recognition is the
recognition of the rights of the Armenian people and formation of an
international opinion on the Armenian people's security. Finally, that
is a pressure on Turkey to change its position and strategy in terms of
Armenia's security. Meaning that this issue is more important because
of its side effects rather than the mere goal of Turkey's recognition
of the genocide. I believe we are successful today. Our issue is being
considered today, we are an issue in international relations. We are an
issue that is present on the international arena. The Genocide issue
has become as such, and this speaks of success. The final success,
I believe, is not so far. On the condition that we remain united,
decisive and aware of our interests.

Q: In terms of defending and restoring the rights of our nation are
there enough efforts made and what do we have to do that we don't?

Hrant Margarian: I will never call our efforts "enough." We could do
much more than we do now. But doesn't mean we do nothing. I believe by
establishing a statehood, and by maintaining an uncompromising stance
in the Karabakh issue we are making steps toward that direction. Today,
by building a country of fair development, we will move forward in
that direction. But I also believe that the potential of all the
Armenian forces is so big that we have been able to mobilize only a
fraction of that power.

We need to expand our organization and turn our potential power into
an active one. This is the most important issue in the big picture.

As for the question what concrete steps should be made, I believe that
in the nearest future the most important issue - besides building
a fair, independent and powerful country - is to remain firm in
the Karabakh issue and take it to a victorious end. We also have to
raise the issue of ethnic minorities in Turkey, and in that context,
raise the issue of the rights of Armenians who have survived the
Genocide. This is mainly a new topic that would give our struggle
completeness and new breath.

Q: There is a strong emphasize to reach a settlement on Karabakh
this year by all means. Does the ARF have concerns about this? What
developments do you expect?

Hrant Margarian: We have many concerns. Until the de facto situation
has not been recognized de jure by a final victory, until the
Shahumian and Martakert regions have not been liberated, we of course
have concerns. But we too wish that the conflict were settled in the
negotiations. We too would be happy to see the conflict settled this
year. But at the same time, we are not inclined to give up anything
just to have it settled as soon as possible.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress