[12:25 pm] 02 May, 2006

One of the main and profitable conditions of films is the source
of money necessary for the film shooting and not the skills or the
sophistication of the artists. An organization will be set up in the
South Caucasus which is aimed at teaching the cinematographers the
ways and means of getting financial means.

The representatives of the new cinematographers' Association of the
South Caucasus were in Armenia for a few days and they were looking
for producers, directors and scenario writers, who would like to
become members of the above-mentioned Association.

After the meeting with the Armenian representative of state and
private studios they claim that there is an obvious interest in
Armenia towards their initiative.

The Association which is mainly sponsored and financed by the
Sweden Development and Cooperation Agency will direct its work in 4
directions. A lobbing of the cinematography field will be organized
for the Armenian, Georgian and Azeri specialists, training will be
held for different specialists of the field, and the producers will
take a course so that the films made by them will meet the European
standards. By the way, there is much work to be done on this score.

After the collapse of the Soviet cinematography the former USSR
countries are unable to finance and make proper films according
to the European criteria. "We shall invite experts who will give
a training course on the methods how joint production is realized
and how to present the project and details of films," mentioned
the representative of the Association Tamara Tatishvili. Thus, the
Association is aimed at bringing the cinema field representatives in
line with the current international criteria.

By the way, the Association will not finance film production. It will
merely provide ground for the right and profitable cinema industry and
for the joint film production in conditions of regional cooperation
and possibilities. Though Tamara Tatishvili doesn't think that it will
be possible to shoot joint Armenian - Azeri films in close future,
she states that the regional establishment, the Cinematographers'
Association of the South Caucasus, will contribute to the realization
of the idea. "At present I think that it is improbable to make joint
Armenian - Azeri films though I cannot give a definite answer to that
question today. If there are such preconditions when people attempt
to work and make films together and to develop the field of film
industry on the national level, this is already a progress."