By Nana Petrosian

AZG Armenian Daily

The parents of 17 years old Vigen Abrahamiants, Moscow resident,
who was killed recently, do not believe that Denis Koulagin was the
murderer of their son. The law enforcement bodies released 16 years
old Koulagin, as there is not enough evidence against him. The police
has only the confession of the teenager that was achieved through
illegal interrogation.

It's worth mentioning that the police hasn't found the knife that
the murderer used, while the video camera didn't taped any actions,
according to the preliminary investigation. Denis Koulagin himself
got a stab of knife on his face.

News.ru informed that Simon Tsatourian, the attorney of the
Abrahamiants family, stated that at present the investigation is
more inclined to the initial cause of the murder - the attack of the
skinheads. Tsatourian said that currently a parallel interrogation
is being carried out. "The witnesses apply to us themselves. We
can assure that the murder was committed by the skinheads. We can't
accuse Koulagin of anything. We have quite a different idea of the
murderer. He was a well-prepared professional who had totally figured
out his actions. This is proved both by the character of the stab
and the immediate disappearing of the murderers from the place of
the crime," he said.

Besides, according to Tsatourian, the fact that the friend
of Abrahamiants was also stabbed with knife denies the common
cause of the murder. "The witnesses state that they had seen the
skinheads. The skinheads undergo special trainings, they have their
ideology, literature, armed groups and organizations. It's clear that
the crimes committed in Moscow belong to the same chain of the crimes
of nationalistic character in St.

Petersburg and Voronezh. Thus, we can speak of certain moods existing
in Russia that lead to destruction of the society and the moral values
of the state," he said.

We hope that taking into account this very factor, the investigation
will find the true murderer of Vigen Abrahamiants.