29.04.2006 GMT+04:00

According to "Interfax" news agency on Friday 16-year-old schoolboy
Denis Kulagin, suspected in the murder of 18-year-old Vigen
Abrahamyants was released from custody. Sources in law-enforcement
organs inform that Kulagin is still a suspect, but there were not
enough evidences for bringing an official accusation against him. It
is worth reminding that on Wednesday the court prolonged his custody
to 72 hours. Till the end of Friday the Prosecutor's office had either
to bring an accusation and submit a petition for arrest or release the
suspect. The Public Prosecutor's Office is still working on the version
that the murder had common motives. However, the victim's compatriots
have enough grounds to suppose that the crime was committed because
of national hatred.

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ It should be reminded that according to the advocate
of the offended party Simon Tsaturyan, the subway prosecutor's office
had initially provided him with a document where it was said that the
crime was committed "because of interracial and international discord
in preliminary agreement of a group of people". However, literally
on the second day, investigating bodies reviewed this version and
now they are still insisting on the version of everyday conflict. It
is said that the conflict was caused by the fact that the victim
had called the suspect's 15-year-old girlfriend Janna Nefedova a
"prostitute ready to give in to anyone for 100 rubles". The suspect
himself testified this. However after meeting his advocate, Denis
Kulagin took his testimony back. His mother says that evidences were
given under the pressure of investigators.

According to the version of Denis's mother, the real development of
events was the following: young people were waiting for their friends
on the platform. Vigen and his friend went to smoke and returning,
cried that they were chased. At that moment, skinheads pounced
on Vigen and began beating him. Denis and Janna ran away on the
train, but shortly after they returned and told everything to the
police. These facts do not match with the official version of the
Prosecutor's Office where they say that the suspect was found thanks
to the video recording. By the way, according to the Prosecutor's
Office, the camera had recorded everything expect the very moment of
murder. Advocate Tsaturyan does not believe in this and supposes that
they are hiding the episode on the recording, which really confirms
the national motive of the crime.

Generally, there are many contradictious and suspicious circumstances
in the case. Initially, witnesses testified that Vigen was attacked
by skinheads, stepping out of the wagon and that the murderer was a
tall, bald man dressed in a black leather jacket. It is noteworthy
that the same facts were described not only by Denis's friends, but
also eyewitnesses of the incident. Meanwhile, Denis does not look
like the person on the photo robot.

This contradiction is also noticed by representatives of investigating
organs. In an interview to "Interfax" news agency, a prosecutor's
office employee, who asked not to publish his name, said: "It
is not clear why did all the 20 witnesses unanimously claim that
Abrahamyants had become a victim of skinheads, but 12 hours later all
of them changed their testimonies and again returned to the version
of skinheads".

It is settled that the murderer hit the victim between ribs with
a long double-edged blade. This is a professional's style. It is
hard to believe that a teenager could master the art of killing so
professionally. By the way, the knife, which killed the victim, has not
been found. There is still another circumstance, which does not match
with the official version of the incident. It is known that Vigen's
and Denis's friends were also wounded. Investigation materials confirm
that there was another victim who had cuts on his face. Could Denis
do that too? What for? Did he also call his girlfriend a prostitute?

Meanwhile mother of Denis Kulagin's girlfriend asserts that attackers
also beat her daughter and traumatologists fixed the wounds. So
who was the person who beat Janna?... Nefedova is one of the main
witnesses. According to her mother Janna was kissing with her friend
when skinheads pounced on Vigen. As for the fact that the victim had
called her a prostitute, Janna herself told her mother: "He did not
offend me. He did not say anything. He kept silence and only smiled..."

On Thursday Vigen Abrahamyants' mother sent a letter to the President
of Russia Vladimir Putin. In the letter it is said: "When "foreign"
children are killed, it is done not only against us, but also against
the Russian nation. No one can return my son, but our actions against
Fascism can save others' lives. The tragedy of our family is not a
single case.

Such kinds of crimes are committed more and more often". There is
nothing to add.

"PanARMENIAN.Net" analytical department