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His Holiness Aram I held a long meeting with the general secretary
of the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), Dr. Georges Saleh
on April 28. His Holiness and Dr. Saleh discussed two main issues:
the recent developments in Christian-Muslim relations in Egypt and
issues related to MECC.

During the last two weeks Coptic churches were burnt down
in Alexandria, leading to skirmishes between Muslims and
Christians. Dr. Saleh thanked the Armenian Catholicos on behalf of
Patriarch Shnouda III for his support of the Coptic Church at times
like this. He also passed the views of the Patriarch on the matter to
His Holiness. The Pontiff stressed the importance of strengthening the
basis of Christian-Muslim coexistence in order to avoid the recurrence
of such sad events.

Dr. Saleh then informed His Holiness of the main concerns of MECC,
asking His Holiness for his views and advice. His Holiness advised
that the committee's current structure should be narrowed down both
in terms of number of staff and administrative divisions and should
focus more on service directed towards the churches.

In this context, His Holiness considered it important to introduce
basic changes in the MECC's priorities and working method. He added
that while reorganizing MECC's regional and international relations,
priority should also be given to local relations "as the church
expresses itself locally and in the lives of people," he said.


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The Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia is one of the two Catholicosates
of the Armenian Orthodox Church. For detailed information about the
history and mission of the Cilician Catholicosate, you may refer
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Cilician Catholicosate, the administrative center of the church is
located in Antelias, Lebanon.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress