03 May 06

It is practically impossible to find the black box of the A-320 plane
of Armavia Airlines, state the experts, working in the place of the
crash. A-320, flying from Yerevan to Sochi, crashed on May 3 in the
morning, near the city of Adler, 5 km from the coast of the Black
Sea. The experts say the plane fell in a place where the bottom makes
it impossible to find anything. Rudolf Teymurazov, the head of the
center of air transport investigation, Interstate Aviation Committee,
stated this. "I do not believe that it is possible to find anything
on the bottom at one km from the coast," said Teymurazov. The work of
the rescuers is made much difficult by the bad weather, as well as the
depth. The depth of the sea in the place of the crash is 300-400 m,
whereas the divers cannot go deeper than 200 m. However, the Russian
Ministry of Emergencies says if necessity occurs, robots will be
used, which can work at such a depth. Rescuing is carried out within
a range of 2.5 km with the depth of the sea 500-2500 m. By half past
two on May 3 the rescuers had found 46 bodies.