Margaret Yesayan

02 May 06

The Communistic Party of Armenia celebrated yesterday the International
Day of Labors Solidarity. Other parties weren't celebrating the
occasion; they perhaps consider the day of labors as remains of
communism and left the square for the communists. But if every
oppositionist party was able to gather the same quantity of people
as the communists did Ruben Tovmasian's dream of last 15 years would
come true and socialism would enter with a new power. But as usual
the oppositionists were impeded by their ambitions and fear of being
considered not free, that's why they didn't join their friends. The
communists with red flags, red ties and red bands were walking on
Mashtots avenue. Some hundreds of people, more than 1000, crying
thunderous ¬"hurrah¬"s and ¬"viva¬"-s reached the Republic Square. But
they declared that they were reaching the Lenin Square. Just at that
moment the Central Committee Secretary was declaring by microphone;
¬"The communists of Armenia are entering into the square¬". It
seemed you were in other time zone and not in the 6th year of the
21st century. It seems the participants of that parade have come
from 60-70's. They weren't even hide that they dream of socialism and
again consider as the number one enemy ¬"the system in the person of
the USA which spread anticommunist, antidemocratic hysteria. Just it
craves of becoming the tyrant of the world by cannibal globalization
and aggression."

The colonel Daniel Tadevosian has come to the parade with all his
medals and persuasion; ¬"We must bring the socialism back for the
people live equally as it was during socialism. I don't say there
weren't mistakes at that time but who has built this city?" A lot of
pupils from the schools of Masis N3 and Normarg village came to May
parade with red ties. A communist woman who was leading them declared
that the pupils like the pioneer order but there are also people who
prohibit the restoration of the past.

Comrade Haroutiunian is sure that there are two parties in Armenia;
"One is the communistic party, the other is anticommunist party,
that is, the remain are anticommunist parties".

Communists of some regions were brought to the capital for taking part
in the parade. The "Communistic Party of Leninakan", "Communists of
Kirovakan", " Workers of Lenin region of Yerevan", "Comrades from
Hoktemberian" and a lot of pioneers were here yesterday. A real
festive mood, which reached till the comrade Myasnikian monument. It
was written on some of posters; "Forever with Russia". To our question
again Russia when the same Russia took our property instead of gas,
debt and don't know for what else, comrade Tovmasian answered;
"We have always condemned and condemn that the people's property
is being sold whoever it is sold, even to Russia, but we sell it
ourselves. And it is more profitable that Russia buys it and not
other countries". A heap of red flags remained in the grass.