03 May 06

The A-320 plane of Armavia Airlines flying from Yerevan to Sochi
crashed in the morning of May 2. There were 113 people on board,
including 8 members of the crew and 105 passengers, six children.

Everyone in the plane died. By 8 o'clock in the morning of May 3 the
bodies of 16 passengers were found in the Black Sea. The rescuers
of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies carry on the search but their
work is much difficult because of bad weather. It is suggested that
bad weather was the cause of the crash. The communication with the
plane was lost at 2.25 AM, 6 minutes before the scheduled time of
landing at the airport of Sochi. Later it was found out that the
plane crashed 5 km from the coast, where parts of the plane were
found at a depth of 300 meters. The spokesperson of Armavia Edward
Aghajanov told the reporter of Regnum that the A-320 plane was in an
ideal technical state, and the crew was highly experienced.

First the crew decided to return to Yerevan for bad weather, but
the dispatcher of Sochi-Adler Airport informed that the weather was
improving. On approaching Adler Airport the weather again changed,
and the plane could not land, and soon disappeared from the screens
of radars. The Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia also confirmed
the excellent technical state of the plane. The District Attorney
of the region of Krasnodar, Russia, sued a criminal action under the
section of the Crime Code of the Russian Federation on violation of
the rules of maintenance and operation of aircrafts causing death of
people. There is not an official version of the crash yet, says Regnum.

In the morning of May 3 the president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan
held an extraordinary consultation on the crash of the A-320 plane of
Armenia Airlines, informs the news agency Regnum. The administration
of the Armenian President informed that the heads of law enforcement
agencies, ministries, and aviation participated in the consultation.

There will be an official statement after the consultation.

The Armenian leadership expressed their condolences to the families
of the victims.