[12:50 pm] 03 May, 2006

Artyom Movsisyan, the head of the Chief Administration of Civic
Aviation announced that the plane A-320 has been examined fully and
completely and the version of its being out of order is excluded. The
state of the plane had also been checked before the flight.

The connection with the plane was lost six minutes before the supposed
landing in the Sochi airport, at about 02:15 AM. As it was revealed,
the plane crushed five kilometers away from the seashore where 300
meters under the water the remains of the crashed plane have been

Artyom Movsisyan has announced that the crew of the plane consisted of
professionals. The head of the Chief Administration of Civic Aviation
also excluded the version of the lack of fuel. According to him,
the plane had 10 tons of fuel whereas only 3.5 tons would suffice
for the flight from Yerevan to Adler.

"The preliminary hypothesis is about the weather", he said. 77 of the
passengers of the plane were citizens of Armenia, 26 - of Russia, one
of Georgia, and one of Ukraine. The majority of them were Armenians
living in Russia.