By Hakob Chakrian

AZG Armenian Daily

The April 28 meeting between president Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan
and his US counterpart George W. Bush almost got no coverage in Azeri
and Turkish press. The reason must be lack of information. As to the
Turkish Public TV, it considers the White Home reception of Aliyev
a step to keep Azerbaijan back from Russia.

This view of the Turkish TV was indirectly confirmed by the White
House spokesperson Scott Mcclellan dubbing Azerbaijan "key ally" and
"precious partner" of the USA in a strategically important region.

One may assume that Azerbaijan - US's precious partner and key ally
- should desist from getting closer to Russia and should not try to
counterbalance US influence with the Russian one and should in the
meantime back Washington in the Iranian issue.

Meanwhile, Aliyev declared in Washington that Azerbaijan will not
take part in possible assault on its southern neighbor.

The presumption that president Aliyev could be successful in offering
support in the Iran standoff against US support in Nagorno Karabakh
issue did not come true. Both presidents did not mention the Karabakh
issue at the meeting with journalists. Ilham Aliyev only familiarized
president Bush with Azerbaijan's stance on the dispute. It's hard to
say what was president Bush's response to this, but Baku's position
should not be something new for Bush.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress