[08:53 pm] 02 May, 2006

The USA Government is not that concerned with the construction of a new
nuclear power station in Armenia. The American officials informed the
Armenian journalists about their country's position after the session
of the Armenian - American working group on economic cooperation. They
claimed that there are not delighted by the prospect of a new Armenian
nuclear power station.

Tom Adams, the coordinator of the American Government on European and
Asian assistance, the chief of the USA delegation and the co-chair of
the Armenian - American working group noted, "At present our position
is the following; there is a better alternative for the 2nd nuclear
power station, we are against the construction of the new one taking
into account the seismic instability of Armenia and the earthquake
which occurred not long ago."

The American Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Armenia
John Evans expressed his concern on this score, "We realize that
Armenia needs urgent diversification." Then referring to the Iranian
issue, he ensured that the USA will punish the countries which will
make extra investments in Iranian nuclear programs.

RA Minister of Finances and Economy Vardan Khachatryan who was
the Armenian head of the working group, urged that all matters were
really discussed with the USA "freely, openly and compassionately." He
made announcements contradicting his American partners. The deputy
Minister of Energy was also present at the session. He assured the
American side that the new nuclear power station must be exploited
on the day of closing the 2nd bloc. The Minister claimed that a new
bloc of 1000 MWt will be built instead of the current bloc of 440 MWt."

It was the 12th session of the Armenian - American working group. The
group was set up 6 years ago and convenes two sessions annually in
Yerevan and in Washington. Two other sessions are likely to be convened
in Armenia as a result of which the budget expenditure will curtail;
this was Vardan Khachatrian's prediction.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress