[08:22 pm] 02 May, 2006

Only 22 NA deputies were registered for making announcement. Most of
them were the oppositional representatives.

Deputy Arshak Sadoyan suggested setting up "Political Veterans'
Club." According to him, it is essential to gather Armenian veterans,
regardless of the fact which party they present, and "they will explain
to younger political figures what a country is with joint efforts."

The Coalition parties seized their opportunity and declared that mass
media organizations hold anti-preaching against them. Secretary of
"Dashnaktsutyun" fraction Hrayr Karapetyan is sure of it and names it
"aspersion against their party."

Deputy of "Orinats Yerkir" party Hovhannes Margaryan is of the
same opinion and deems it "a black preaching against Arthur
Baghdasaryan." The Deputies of "Orinats Yerkir" also referred to
their meetings with electorate and the deposit return. Deputy of the
"Armenian Republican" party Hranush Hakobyan stated that she always
seizes her opportunity to make announcements as she turns to the
Government every week to solve the problems of population and doesn't
wait for 20 days or a month in order to make announcements. Today
Hranush Hakobyan aroused the question of the state of Armenian
regions. She suggested making a strategic program on "rural development
and restoration" which will draw political attention.

Deputy of "Justice" fraction Stepan Zakaryan spoke of the human
rights protector. He claimed that the first Ombudsman was designated
by President Robert Kocharyan and added that the 1st Ombudsman's
review on the year 2005 was already ready. There are many cases
of human rights violations in it, and nobody seems to be concerned
with them. "Human rights protector is a facade, a bridge to Europe,"
concluded Stepan Zakaryan.

As for other speeches, the deputies were indignant at the fact
that Robert Kocharyan praises electronic mass media. The leader of
"National Unity" fraction Artashes Geghamyan referred to Ilhalm Aliev's
visit to the USA. Then he spoke of Armenia. "We must realize how the
President of the neighboring country is received, and what questions
he is asked. Mr. Kocharyan, you had better resign. The Coalition will
make adequate conclusions after your resignation."