Noyan Tapan
May 02 2006

YEREVAN, MAY 2, NOYAN TAPAN. In January-March 2006, industrial
production of 137 bln 928.1 mln drams (about 306.5 mln USD) was
manufactured in Armenia in current prices, industrial production of
139 bln 741.2 mln drams was sold, including that of 10 bln 123.9 mln
drams in CIS countries, and production of 32 bln 811.5 mln drams -
in other countries. According to the RA National Statistical Service,
the physical volumes of industrial production declined by 4.7% compared
with January-March 2005, while production without diamonds made 137
bln 271.1 mln drams, growing by 1.1%. A 4.3% decline in production
was registered in industry without production and distribution
of electricity, water and gas. Over the indicated period of 2006,
processing industry accounted for 60.6%, mining industry - for 16.1%
and the production and distribution of electricity, water and gas - for
23.3% of the total amount of industrial production. The food industry
accounted for 47.3%, metallurgy - for 28.9%, non metal production -
for 5% of the production of processing industry. 43.7% of industrial
production was made in Yerevan, 18.3% - in Syunik marz, 10.6% -
i Kotayk marz, 7.5% - in Ararat marz and Lori marz each. Small and
very small organizations prevailed in the total number of industrial
enterprises. with small ones accounting for 42.2% and very small
organizations - for 46%. These very small and small organizations,
which make up 88.2% of the total number, manufactured 11.5% of the
total production, whereas large organizations, which make up 7.6%
of the total number of organizations, account for 85.5% of the total
amount of industrial production. 2,185 industrial organizations employ
74,579 people. The production of very small enterprises with up to 5
employees declined by 54.5% compared with the same period of last year,
and production of enterprises employing 10 and more employees declined
by 6.3%. This index grew by 14.9% in small enterprises with 6-50
emloyees and by 7.1% in medium-size enterprises with 51-100 employees.