Noyan Tapan
May 02 2006

YEREVAN, MAY 2, NOYAN TAPAN. The settlement of the Karabakh problem
can become an adjunct of the Iranian nuclear problem. Chairman of
the Liberal Progressive Party of Armenia Hovhannes Hovhannisian
expressed such an opinion at the May 2 meeting at the Hayeli
(Mirror) club. According to him, it is the first time in the
whole process of Nagorno Karabakh settlement when U.S. tries to
find personal solutions. "The activity of U.S. during the recent
year shows that U.S. makes an attempt to speed up the process of
settlement," the speaker mentioned. According to Hovhannisian, the
"Iranian dossier" served as a spur for the settlement of the Nagorno
Karabakh problem. According to the speaker, the programs of Armenia's
and Azerbaijan's neighbor Iran on creating nuclear weapons indeed
pose a serious danger for the world. Hovhannes Hovhannisian said
that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's recent visit to U.S. and
his meeting with President of that country George Bush show that
U.S. tries to make Azerbaijan a country of the international class,
which will have its influence on the world processes. According to the
speaker, millions of Azeris living in Iran, as well as Azerbaijan's
own and transit energy resources are a trump for Azerbaijan.