16:43 03/05/06

The Press-secretary of the State Department of Civil Aviation of
Armenia Gayane Davtyan dismissed the rumors about A-320 aircraft being
in a pure technical condition reports correspondent of "Panorama" from
Zvartnots airport. The information that the aircraft was completely
worn out was spread by a number of Russian media sources.

Let us remind that during the emergency press briefing chief of the
Department of Civil Aviation of Armenian Artem Movsisyan announced that
in opinion of Airport technical maintenance group the aircraft , was
in good technical condition and was completely ready for flight. The
similar opinion was expressed by the Sabena-Tekhnik Company that
is performing technical maintenance of the A-320 Aircrafts for the
"Armavia" Co. Besides, the health and professional qualifications
of the plane crew corresponded to the required standards. Airplane
passed technical examination in April, The flight Yerevan-Sochi that
was supposed to depart on 16:00 p.m. Yerevan time is postponed for
unknown period The numbers of catastrophe victims relatives arriving
to the Zvartnots airport increases since each minute, and it is surely
possible that two airplanes f shall depart to Sochi by the end of the
day : one with journalists and the other with victims relatives. At
present they are rendered medical and psychological assistance.

According to our sources in spite of the fact that Zvartnoc airport
functioned in its usual mode, passengers of several other flights
began turning back their tickets.