[09:25 pm] 04 May, 2006

RA Forign Minister Vardan Oskanyan participated in a conference titled
"General review on general neigbourhood" which was held in Velnyus,
the capital of Lithuania. The Presidents of Armenia and Lithuania
made openig speeches at the conference.

Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus expressed his condelence on the
Armenian airplane crash at the beginning of the conference.

Many high-rank officials and Foreign Ministers of Baltic and Eastern
European countries also participated at the conference.

RA Foreign Minister Oskanyan first of all thanked the participants
for their sympathy and then focused on political developments of
the post Soviet region. The Minister aslo referred to the Nagorno -
Karabakh conflict settlement.

"Democracy cannot be established within a night. We know and claim
that while we go ahead on the right way, the evolutional and upward
approach towards democracy will be more efficient and firmer," noted
vardan Oskanyan.

While speaking of the NKR conflict peaceful settlement Minister
Oskanyan underlined that "with its great oil supply and the oil
current high prices Azerbaijan thinks or at least announces they have
the military way of the conflict settlement. We cannot find compromise
if they have such position. But the EU and the international community
must make them understand that the matter has no military solution. As
Armenia has already stated, compromise is required in order to settle
the conflict peacefully."

Oskanyan held many bilateral meetings during the conference. He
diccussed the final phase of the Armenian - EU program within the
realms of the European neighbourhood policy with Javier Solana, the
highest representative of the EU joint Foreign and Security policy. The
two sides also referred to the negotitaions on the Karabakh conflict
settlement and their prospect.

Oskanyan also met with Romanian Foreign minister Razvan Ungureanu. The
Ministers focused on the issues of mutual coooperation and the upcoming
Black Sea conference "Dialogue and Partnership Forum" which will be
held in Bukharest.