Tbilisi, May 4. ArmInfo-BSP. Either the Armenian or the Russian
parties had applied to the Georgian Air Navigation for the records
of the last talks of Georgian flying control officers and the crew
of the Armenian wrecked plane till the last moment, Novosti-Georgia
reports. Armenian Airbus A-320 belonging to Armavia company flying
from Yerevan to Sochi crashed into the Black Sea on May 3 near Sochi.

Georgy Karbelashvili, Head of Georgian Air Navigation, told journalists
those records could become an important evidence in the investigation
of the crash. Karbelashvili said he had already offered assistance
to the Armenian Ambassador to Georgia. He said the records show that
A-320 had been in the airspace of Georgia for about an hour, then
almost reaching the border with Russia the plane had to turn back
because of the bad weather. However, not reaching Kutaisi, the plane
again took the former course as the Russian flying control officer
informed the crew about the improving weather in Sochi. Karbelashvili
refutes the report that allegedly the crew was proposed to land in
Tbilisi airport. He said that under international navigation rules,
a crew is informed of all the possible airports for emergency landing
before the flight. In the given case, those were the airports in
Russia and Yerevan. The last words of the Armenian pilot to Georgian
flying control officers were: "Thank you, see you on the way back!" The
Airbus disappeared from the Georgian monitors at 2:05 AM Tbilisi time
and crashed into the sea in about 10 minutes.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress