[03:47 pm] 04 May, 2006

20 - 30 bodies will be transported from Sochi to Armenia at 22:00
tonight. According to the latest data, 20 bodies have already been
recognized by the relatives.

Today the RA Government decided to allocate 1.5 million AMD to the
families of each victim. Foreigners will not receive any help,
as the RF Government decided to show assistance to the families
of their citizens. After the governmental session Minister of
Regional Government Hovik Abrahamyan announced they are ready to give
transportation and material support to those Armenia citizens who would
like to transport their relatives' bodies and bury them in Armenia,
regardless of the Russian humanity.

There are already good coffins at the airport, and people can take them
out of charge. Soon the Government will open a bank account to help the
families of innocent victims. Hovik Abrahamyan who is also the head
of the committee engaged in eliminating the air crash consequences,
informed the journalists that many businessmen already expressed their
readiness to shoulder the victims' families. According to their data,
there are 300 Armenian citizens in Sochi who arrived from Armenia,
10 rescuers are involved in searching and so far they have countered
no technical problems. The Minister didn't comment on the possible
causes of the air crash.