Naira Mamikonian
04 May 06

Let them take it easy.

I received a phone call from a "locked number" on my mobile phone
at the end of February. I didn't know the person who was phoning me
and who dared not say his name but dared threaten me. First of all he
specified my identity then cursed and threatened me; "When you write
about people personal information, don't you think..." He said and
ringed off. I found out the phone number in short time. The identity of
the person who has phoned from the mobile phone served by "ArmenTel"
was known as Zarzand Nikoghosian. But it isn't known what connection
he can have with my any publication. Anyway I tried to phone back by
that phone number some days ago but he didn't answer. Later an old man
answered in dialect that the number was his own for more than 5 months
and there was no Zarzand there. I didn't believe but I also didn't
seek because I had warned that man that I had been threatened from
that number and intended to turn to law keepers. The governor of Syunik
Surik Khachatrian invited me 1-2 days later. It became clear that the
necessity of meeting connected with a publication about the governor
of Syunik printed in "Chorrord Ishkhanutiun" newspaper. According to
Surik Khachatrian that article was written under my editorship but by
other signature. It became clear for me only lately why Mr. Khachatrian
harried up to meet me.

The point is that S. Khachatrian's bodyguard Zarzand mentioned in
the publication about shootings in ¬"Tigran Mets¬" restaurant in
Goris is that same Zarzand Nikoghosian who threatened me. And the
reason of the necessity to meet me was that he had understood that
law keepers can interfere and it can cause additional turmoil.

By the way S. Khachatrian himself affirmed that Zarzand had threatened
me introducing clarity; ¬"He has cursed you once¬". Certainly I
wasn't expecting such a confession so I asked whether he knew about
that phone. "We had a conversation after our meeting and that guy
said sincerely that he was told that you had written that article,
that's why he had cursed you. But then that information was denied", -
Mr. Khachatrian elucidated adding that he didn't know about the phone
number beforehand which is very doubtful. It is obvious that as the
bodyguard Zarzand dared not say his name as well as Mr. Khachatrian
dared not declare that Zarzand had decided to threaten the journalist
by his command. S. Khachatrian even tried to console me; ¬"Take it
easy¬". Will the law keepers reply to such a behavior, perhaps,
no. As policemen and criminals collaborate with each other. It's
also obvious that there is no trial that just these persons are the
support of police, there are the elite of our country.

Other bodyguards-skinheads like Zarzand will be necessary if not
using violence on journalists, breaking cameras, but for supporting
the authorities during the elections.

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