Aram Abrahamian
04 May 06

Human factor exists in every tragedy. In the crash of Armavia A320
airplane exists, too. But it isn't right to detect constantly that
human factor and solve some problems by it.

For example, it can be a temptation to use this tragedy for squaring
accounts with "Armavia". Frankly speaking I don't cherish kindly
feelings to that Airline and its owner. But in this case it can be
proved that just ¬"Armavia¬" is responsible for the crash, for example
it has sent for flight an airplane out of order or without sufficient
quantity of fuel, or has trusted the airplane in non-professional
pilots. As there aren't any sufficient facts for those accusations
all those conversations will be sounded cynically.

But the circumstance but we shouldn't find for guilty people, doesn't
mean that we shouldn't examine the tragedy at all. Even the earthquake
in'88 which caused hundreds of thousands victims also cause a lot of
problems in connection with "human factor". I say, "even", because
it seems from the first sight that the blind disaster of earthquake
wasn't ruled by people. Anyways, people at that time were speaking
very fairly how they were constructing buildings at the beginning of
80-s. And why the earthquakes of the same strength didn't cause such
victims in Los Angeles and Japan.

Human factor in case of A320 airplane crash has played its role besides
the bad weather. For example, some specialists think that the airplane
fell into storm but the Russian weather forecasters affirm that there
was no storm. Why nobody felt mortal danger in the plane and nobody
didn't wear life jacket.

Why did the airplane disappear from radars at 2'15 am, and the lifeboat
found the pieces of the plane only after two ours. Perhaps it was
possible to find human lives in those two ours. And the most important
problem who is guilty for the fact that the airplane appeared in bad
weather conditions? Disaster is disaster but all kind of tragedies
happen because of criminal mistake, indifference, non-professionalism
of the people.

Let's hope that all these questions will get entire answers. But today,
let's grieve with the relatives of the victims and share their grief.