13:50 06/05/06

Armenia tries to settle "situational issues," NA deputy Viktor
DALLAKYAN says referring to the fact that the country lacks a policy
procedure on national security despite of being independent for
16 years.

"It means that our country has not put forward strategic, long - term
targets," the deputy concluded in a discussion called at Izbushka

The incidence since 1999, let's say October 27 or the crash of A-320
airliner, indicate that Armenia's national security fails to function,
Dallakyan said.

He was amazed how energy, ecology, economic social security issues
are at all solved in our country.

Dallakyan recalled that in 2000 Law on National Security Principals
was developed with his own participation, which the parliament passed
in 2003.

However, president Robert Kocharyan has imposed a veto on the law
suggesting to further work on it.

The deputy was not pleased with the fact that the opposition is not
called for the discussions of national security policy procedure,
saying that they should be invited to such discussions. He also said
that non-professional are currently working on that procedure. Vahan
HOVHANNISYAN, NA deputy chairman and member of a group on national
security policy procedure was also present at the discussion but did
not express any objection.