Crashed plane passed all planned checks, repairs in April
by Tigran Liloyan

ITAR-TASS News Agency
May 3, 2006 Wednesday

An airplane A-320 belonging to the Armenian air company Armavia that
crashed in the Black Sea on Wednesday has passed all planned checks
and the repairs in April, chief of the main civil aviation department
in the Armenian government Artyom Movsesian said at a briefing in
the Armenian presidential staff after a meeting with the Armenian
president over the air crash.

This Airbus was produced in 1995 and passed all planned checks and
the repairs in April 2006, Movsesian emphasized.

He noted that before the flight the technical staff of the Belgian
aviation maintenance company Sabena Technics conducted a check and
drew conclusions about a full technical serviceability of the airliner.

The airplane was fueled with ten tonnes of good aviation kerosene
and had enough fuel to fly back to Yerevan, Movsesian pointed out.

Spokesman of the air company Sibir Yevgeny Filyanin, this air company
did not service the crashed airplane.

The airplane was carrying 113 people. According to the Russian Foreign
Ministry and the Emergencies Ministry, 26 Russian citizens mainly of
Armenian origin were aboard the plane.

The bad weather conditions near the Sochi airport are the main version
of the crash. All details of the crash will be clarified after the
investigating committee has completed its work and deciphered the
flight recorders.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress