YEREVAN, MAY 8, NOYAN TAPAN. As of May 8, in spite of bad weather
conditions, searches are going on in the place of accident of A-320
plane. The location of black boxes was clarified the previous
day. According to the specialists, they are in a smaller, 400-450
meters, depth than it was supposed. At present the specialists are
working in the direction of lifting them from the bottom of the
sea. As the Russian side affirms, the searches will continue as long
as there is hope to find something connected with the plane.

Specialists from RF, Ukraine, France also take part in the
searches. Cyprus, Italy and Great Britain have also offered their
assistance. The last group of the relatives of the victims will return
to Armenia on May 8. According to the official data, no corpses of
those who died in the accident have been found in the recent days. At
present, 56 corpses out of those of 113 victims have been found and
only 48 of them have been indentified by now. 36 of them have been
moved to Armenia. At the request of the relatives, 48 jugs with the
sea sand and water from the territory of the accident were also moved
to Armenia. They will be committed to the earth instead of the
non-found corpses.