Assyria Times, CA
May 8 2006

Assyrian Genocide Seyfo 1915: The Missing Chapter of Ottoman History
5/7/2006 23:29:32
For Immediate Release

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 6:00 PM

The Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
Thornaugh St Russell Square London WC1H 0XG

The genocide of over 750,000 Assyrian Christians at the hands of the
Ottoman Empire in 1915 has largely been forgotten by the world. The
pain of this genocide is still a dark shadow over the Assyrian
people. This pain and suffering continues in the collective
conscience of the Assyrian Christians as Turkey continues to deny and
publicly denounce responsibility for this largely forgotten genocide
during the First World War.

The Department for the Study of Religions (SOAS), together with
Firodil and Gomidas Institutes, two prominent and leading Assyrian
and Armenian institutes dedicated to lobbying for the recognition of
the Assyrian and Armenian genocide through academic and scholarly
research, have organized a prestigious speaking event and the premier
of Cry Unheard, a documentary film by Nuri Kino at SOAS.

The leading speakers will include:

Dr. Erica Hunter: BA MA DPHIL PHD Dept for Study of religions SOAS.

Sabri Atman: Assyrian scholar specializing in the Assyrian Genocide,
author of I long for Mesopotamia and The Assyrian-Syriacs.

Nuri Kino: Award winning Swedish Journalist, and winner of 2006
Golden Palm Award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Mr. Andrew Michael of Firodil Institute said: `We are organising this
event to present academic scholars and students alike with unbiased
and factual information regarding the genocide of the Assyrians. The
academia world and the intelligentsia have a pivotal role to play; it
is their moral obligation to take a stance and advocate Turkey's
recognition of these atrocious crimes committed against the Assyrian
and Armenian Christians.'

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