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A high level delegation from the Protestant churches of Germany visited the
Catholicosate of Cilicia on May 5. The delegation included representatives
from the ecumenical department of the German Protestant Churches' central
committee and the spiritual heads of the German communities in the Middle

The leader of the delegation expressed his happiness for the opportunity to
meet the Armenian Pontiff. He acknowledged the important ecumenical role of
His Holiness and assured that the latter is a well known figure of the
German churches. He then wanted to know His Holiness' viewpoints on issues
related to the Church in general and the Middle East in particular,
including the Christian-Muslim dialogue.

The Catholicos talked in detail about several concerns and difficulties the
ecumenical movement faces. He emphasized the importance of cooperation
between churches and highlighted the imperative need to make the
Christian-Muslim dialogue work.

Speaking about the Middle East, the Pontiff reminded that the Christian
communities of the region are not guests, but form part of the history and
culture of the Middle East. He added that for this reason, these Christian
communities should remain committed to their rights and ready to coexist
with Muslims with the spirit of cooperation. His Holiness Aram I also spoke
about the Armenian Church and the Armenian Genocide.

The Catholicos commended the president of the German churches and his long
time friend, Bishop Hubert, for his support and position regarding the
Armenian Genocide. His Holiness then provided the delegation members with
copies of "STIMMEN AUS DEUTSCHLAND" ("Voices from Germany"), published a
couple of weeks ago by the Catholicosate of Cilicia. Unique in its kind,
this publication includes statements about the Armenian Genocide from
current German religious, intellectual and political figures. These are
preceded by His Holiness' introduction on collective memory.

His Holiness Aram I then answered the questions of the delegation's 18
members. Bishop Nareg Alemezian, Ecumenical Officer of the Catholicosate of
Cilicia also attended the meeting which lasted about two hours.

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