09 May 06

On May 8, 1992 the Armenian squads, all in all 2800 soldiers, led by
Colonel Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan (Commandos), launched the operation of
liberation of Shushi. There were 2300 Azerbaijani soldiers in
Shushi. Stepanakert and the adjacent villages were bombed from an
emplacement in Shushi. At 2.30 in the morning of May 8 the Armenian
troops opened fire from the villages of Shosh and Karin Tak. Then the
offensive was launched in four major directions - Janhasan, Central,
Shushi, Lisagor - and two additional directions- Karin Tak and
Ghaibalu. The Azerbaijani forces counterattacked. However, the
operation was so well-planned, that the Armenian squads managed to
liberate the town, which was an effective emplacement of the foe. In
the evening of the same day the Armenian army entered Shushi. On May 9
the Azerbaijani guard had to recede to Lachin. The Armenian troops
provided a corridor for the peaceful population and the soldiers to
leave the town.

The liberation of Shushi allowed the population of Stepanakert to
leave the basements of their houses.

The operation continued in the direction of Lachin, and the result was
that in mid-May the only road connecting Armenia and Karabakh was open

After liberation life in Shushi began to develop. On common consent,
the town was turned an educational and cultural center. Music
schools, even a musical college was established in Shushi, where young
people from Karabakh, and even Armenia and the Diaspora teach. The
population counted 4.5 thousand.

However, both unbearable conditions (the greater part of the town is
burntand ruined) and the attitude of the authorities cut the
population of the town twice. The authorities have not started
reconstruction of the town. Ghazanchetsots Church and Kanach Church,
as well as the central street were repaired.

Several new shops were opened in the part of the town, called
Khachmeruk (Crossroad). A small carpet weaving factory and a
processing unit of herbal tea are operating in the town. However,
there is so much to do that very little change on the appearance of
the town can be seen.

Presently, there are about a dozen cultural establishments - theaters,
bands, choirs - in Shushi. These are in half-ruined buildings. Most
houses have not been repaired yet. However, there are flowers in every