Anime News Network, Canada
May 9 2006

ADV Films Website Follow-Up

As previously reported, the ADV Films webiste at was
hacked on Saturday morning by a group of Turkish hackers called
Ayyildiz. Webpages on the site were defaced with the Ayyildiz logo
message. Ayyildiz commonly hacks websites and defaces them with a
propaganda message claiming that the Armenian genocide was an act of
self-defense. The message also attacks the Kurdish PKK and their
backers, and states that any country that is treacherous towards
Turkey will have its websites "erased from the Internet."

A mirror of the original hack can be seen here.

ADV removed the hacked server on Saturday morning, no more than a few
hours after the original hack itself. Their website resumed regular
operation on Sunday evening. According to Mark Williams, CTO at ADV,
they took advantage of the downtime to implement several already
prepared expansions, including the addition of new servers. The
reparations took longer than Williams would have liked as it was the
weekend and several staff we're out of town for the weekend. "Plus,"
adds Williams, "We liked the Turkish terrorist music."

Williams states that the vulnerability that lead to this attack has
been corrected and that the only server affected was a front end
content-caching server, no customer data was affected in any way. 840