[01:06 pm] 10 May, 2006

The search works of the Armenian plane A-320 have been going on since
morning with the participation of French specialists and their new
equipment. The French specialists are mainly looking for the record
boxes. For this purpose special equipment has been installed on the
ship "Navigator".

"The five French specialists who have arrived in Sochi have brought
the necessary equipment to find out the record boxes," one of the
members of the search group informed the agency "Interfax-South." He
also informed that the installing will take about 6 hours after which
the French specialists will take up work.

Let us remind you that the experts of the French Bureau of aircrash
investigation announced that the record boxes of crashed A-320 planes
can be preserved up to 30 days up to about 6 000 meters deep under the
water. The radio of the boxes will continue to work for all those days.

One of the boxes records all the data of the flight - the speed,
the height, the course and the work of the pilot. The other one
records all the conversations in the cabin of the pilot. Everything
is recorded every second.

One of the boxes weighs 10 kg, 7 of which is the armored shell. So,
the box can sink up to 6 000 meters and endure heat up to about 1
100 C and pressure of about 2.2 tons for a whole month.

By the way, in 2004 the French specialists managed to take about the
Egyptian plane which crashed in the Red Sea. The plane lay 1000 meters
under the water.

The agency "Ria-Novosti" has just informed that the search works have
stopped because of the coming storm.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress