Noyan Tapan
May 09 2006

YEREVAN, MAY 9, NOYAN TAPAN. Our military, moral and psychological
victory has been really humiliated today, so those devoted to Homeland
should become sober and find a way of healing the country.

This opinion was expressed by a group of freedom fighters who
gathered at the Pastark Club on May 9 on the occasion of Day of Shushi
Liberation. Among them were the commander of "Artsakh" regiment Mikael
Apresian, the commander of "Arabo" detachment Manvel Eghiazarian, one
of the leaders of the Armenian National Army, commander of "Kotayk"
regiment Armen Avetisian, member of the organization "Ukht Ararati"
Tigran Pashabezian, member of the Defence of Liberated Territories NGO
Armen Eghyan and former freedom fighter Armen Dovlatian. Congatulating
all the Armenians spread all over the world on the occasion of Day
of Shushi Liberation, the event participants presented their current
concerns. In their words, the volunteers consider themselves to blame
because after gaining military victories, they failed to implement
fully their mission at the time of peace - to establish justice in the
country and reinforce the military victories with moral and diplomatic
ones. According to M. Eghiazarian, "the brave were forced out, and a
large group of toadies established itself in the power system", and
they decided the nation's fate. He promised that the time will come
to say the whole truth and show clearly who was who in reality, noting
that it refers to "some generals, officials and intrigantes." According
to the meeting participants, after the ceasefire there appeared some
opportunists, people who managed to get a certificate of freedom war
participant by various means, while many of real freedom fighters
still do not have such certificates. "5-10 thousand people fought,
but 50 thousand documents have been distributed," A. Avetisian said.

In the opinion of A. Eghyan, after the collapse of ! the Soviet
Union, the new system "has finally been established today, and it is
impossible to show to the Armenian people an official in the upper
echelons as an exemplary person." According to him, some of the
volunteers were unable to resist the pressure of the machinery and
"became corrupt." "It is our shame, we lost that battle," he stated
on behalf of his friends - freedom fighters and himself. The speakers
considered it incomprehensible and unacceptable that the liberated
territories may be ceded as a compromise version of the Nagorno
Karabakh conflict settlement. They pointed out that these territories
are an important guarantee of Nagorno Karabakh's security, and they
cannot be exchanged for any security guarantees stipulated on paper.

In their opinion, the main concession to Azerbaijan was made in 1994
when Armenia agreed to a ceasefire and prevented the further advance of
its troops, as a result of which Azerbaijan still exists. The former
freedom fighters underlined ! that they feel responsible in this
issue and rule out the return of the territories, since the Armenian
people in the person of its volunteers will never reconciliate itself
to this version, and the international mediators are also aware
of it. "We will kill everybody for ceding even an inch of land,"
A. Egyan stated, adding that what he said is not an extremism but a
normal and healthy approach.