MIKA triumph in Armenian Cup
Tuesday, 9 May 2006

FC MIKA have won their fifth Armenian Cup after Armen
Shahgeldyan's 23rd-minute goal earned them a 1-0 win
against FC Pyunik in Tuesday's final.

Crucial breakthrough
Both teams made a bright start with plenty of chances
in the opening 15 miutes but it was to be Shahgeldyan
who made the crucial breakthrough. Pyunik defender
Rafael Safaryan failed to clear Arsen Meloyan's long
ball, allowing Shahgeldyan to ghost past Robert
Arzumanyan and score with the outside of his boot.

Other chances
Shahgeldyan had other chances to score later in the
game as MIKA made up for previous defeats against
Pyunik in the league, but the Yerevan side will have
more than a few regrets after the game with Agvan
Lazarian, Arsen Avetisyan, Levon Pachahjyan and
Tigran Karabagtsyan all missing good chances.

Final meeting
MIKA and Pyunik are the only two sides to have won the
Armenian Cup since 2000, although this is their first
meeting in the final. MIKA have qualified for the
first qualifying round of the UEFA Cup while Pyunik
will compete in the first qualifying round of the UEFA
Champions League as reigning Armenian champions.