11 May 06

The election of Azerbaijan to the newly established UN Human Rights
Council will not affect the state of human rights in Armenia, said
Ombudsman Armen Harutiunyan May 11 to the reporter of Regnum.

Nevertheless, he said the election of Azerbaijan was not desirable.

"Azerbaijan's election is not desirable because it establishes
asymmetrical relations with Armenia and Azerbaijan. I am not
satisfied with the state of human rights in Armenia but I am also
unlikely to think that in Azerbaijan it is better," said Armen
Harutiunyan. According to him, the presence of Azerbaijan in the
council restricts Armenia's opportunities. "There they will have more
opportunities than Armenia to defend their subjectivity," said the
defender of human rights. He said that the outcome of the election to
the UN Human Rights Council confirms that there was a nonobjective
approach. Armen Harutiunyan states that every election involves a
political approach as well.