Author: E.Javadova

TREND Info, Azerbaijan
May 11 2006

No breach has been fixed in the OSCE monitoring held in the contact
lime of the Armenian and Azerbaijani armed forces in Ashagi Eskipara
village of Gazakh District on 11 May in accordance with schedule, the
acting spokesman for the Defense Ministry, Ilgar Verdiyev, told Trend.

Field assistants to the special envoy of the OSCE chairman-in-office,
Oleksander Samarskiy, Imre Palatinus and Peter Key held monitoring
in the Azerbaijani side of the frontline.

Andjey Caspzyk, special envoy of the OSCE chairman-in-office and
his field assistants Harry Eronen and Jiri Aberle, were in charge of
monitoring in eh Armenian side of the contact line.