15:41 11/05/06

There will be no school graduates in the year 2011.

This is conditioned by the fact that those who went to school in
2001 will finish their school education after 11 years instead of
normal 10, Norair Ghukasyan, deputy education and science minister
told a briefing followed by a government session today. There will
be no problems connected with draft but the number of applicants to
higher educational establishments will considerable decrease, he said.

It turns out that 1-5 class schoolchildren will go to school for 11
years, 5-10 class schoolchildren - for 10. Part of the schoolchildren
who went to school this year will study for 11 years and the other
part for 12. Certain legal amendments came to be necessary as a result
of 12-year educational system. The government session approved the
draft Law on Education according to which children will start school
at the age of 6.