[07:23 pm] 11 May, 2006

The Dramatic theatre after Hrachya Ghaplanyan celebrates the 30th
anniversary of the performance "To Forget Herostrat" staged on Grigori
Gorin's play of the same name. The performance will be presented for
the 240th time at the Dramatic theatre on May 13.

According to actor Levon Mutafyan this is a record index as no
play was staged so long on the Armenian stage as this one. "This is
unprecedented phenomenon taking into consideration the crisis and
stagnancy of 70s when people were afraid to make free decisions
and were not encouraged to do such things, and there was severe
censorship. The performance "To Forget Herostat" was about evil and
its eternity and was an attempt to remind of reality and time." Then
censorship prohibited to speak openly, and all of a sudden young
actor Ghandikyan threw down the gauntlet to theatretical world and
staged the play as his diploma work," noted Levon Marutyan.

According to witnesses, they were disappointed by the performance
staged in Moscow as it was traditional, there were no new feelings,
passions in it and it resembled the original play. The Armenian
version of the play is more striking with its aesthetic principles;
allegories, symbols and implication which resulted in warm acceptance
by the audience. According to Armen Ghandikyan our theatres lack the
deep sense, implication and we go to simplicity.

In Armen Ghandikyan's words the performance leads its second life
with new artistic personnel though the Vladimir Mseryan still embodies
the main character, Herostrat.

The performance was presented in many cities of the world and was
warmly accepted by the audience. Even when Gorin saw it he was
surprised, "What a wonderful performance, did I really write it? I
didn't think I would become the author of such a great play," recalls
Vladimir Mseryan. The latter also called on the Armenian youth to
attend theatres more frequently and to see perfect performances.