Turkey anxious about the bill on Armenian Genocide to be discussed in the
French Parliament

13.05.2006 12:29

In response to the discussion of the bill on penalizing Armenian
Genocide deniers to be held May 18 in the French Parliament, the
Turkish `Justice and Development' Party faction is collecting
necessary signatures to present a bill on recognizing the 1954-1962
massacre of 200 thousand Algerians by French as genocide to the
consideration of the Turkish Parliament.

`The bill emphasizes the French policy of dual standards, on one hand
in respect to denying the crimes in Algeria and Rwanda, on the other
hand discussing a bill envisaging penalty for negating the Armenian
Genocide,' representatives of the party told the `New Anatolian'

To note, Algeria insists that during 1954-1962 war for independence
France carried out `genocide' against 1.5 million Algerians, while
Paris notes that only 200 thousand were killed in the war. In the
framework of international organizations Algeria has always been
opposing the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and has been backing
the Turkish position on this question.