Anatolian Times, Turkey
May 14 2006

Parliaments Cannot Decide On Historical Facts, Charrette

PARIS - Parliaments cannot decide on historical facts, said Herve de
Charrette, the deputy chairman of French Parliamentary Foreign
Affairs Commission.

In an exclusive interview with A.A correspondent, Charrette announced
that he is against the resolution, presented by the Socialist Party,
and which makes any denial of the so-called Armenian genocide a

Charrette, who is also the chairman of the French-Turkish Friendship
Group, noted that historical incidents must be examined by historians
and researchers.

``I am against this resolution since I attach great importance to
Turkish-French friendship,`` he stressed.

Charrette indicated that he is optimistic that the resolution will be

The resolution will be debated at the French parliament on May 18th.
The resolution has to be adopted at the Senate in order to be

French parliament passed a resolution acknowledging the so-called
genocide in 2001, and this caused a serious tension between Paris and